Dual-Display Temperature Monitor 
for use with Blanketrol® III

The Blanketrol® CoolRepeat® is a connectivity solution that enables a patient’s temperature to be displayed simultaneously on the Blanketrol® III hyper-hypothermia system and the patient monitor. It makes a patient’s temperature visible on patient monitors during cooling or warming therapy, whether at the bedside or the central nurses’ station. 


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Displays patient temperature data on both the Blanketrol® III and the patient monitor
Reduces the number of trips to the patient’s bedside to read temperature, which may enhance workflow and productivity
Keeps track of patient temperature wherever vital signs are displayed
Operates on lithium or alkaline 9v battery (included)
Magnet connection to the side of the Blanketrol® III
LED light indicates low battery and any potential error

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Blanketrol III

Hyper-Hypothermia system for Patient Temperature Management